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Traditional multi-purpose dye made for the professional dyer using industry standard formulations to ensure reliability and consistency. Dypro multi-purpose dye is available in 24 colours with familiar shade names and numbers. The Dypro range also includes two re-launched colours: Cherry Flame and Arabian Night.

Full instructions for using the dye by hand are printed on the tin. Washing machine instructions, tips for dying non-fabrics and material safety data sheets are available here, on the Dypro website. We also offer a QR code for easy access by smart phone.

Dypro Multi-Purpose Dye Tins (500g) are perfect for dyeing large quantities of material in a dye bath, saucepan or in the washing machine. Each 500g tin contains sufficient dye for up to 25kg/55lb of dry weight fabric. Suitable materials include cotton, linen, viscose, wool and silk, as well as nylon, spandex, rayon, and lycra. Dypro multi-purpose dye can also dye buttons and feathers.  

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Our extensive colour range is available to view on the 'Colours' page of this site.

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